Community introduction

Amongst all the constituent parts of our Ecosystem, our Community is a fundamental building block.

We want it to be an environment where people share the same core values, and are empowered to have a proactive approach toward accelerating the energy transition. We want to gather people genuinely interested in our cause and inspired by the same principles.

If you think that sustainable energy is a key subject in the fight against climate change, by joining our Community you will be part of a movement that aims to build a more sustainable society.

If you also think that the contribution of each individual is crucial and that there is no time left to lose, in our Community you will find opportunities to take action.

As shown in the image below, the Deentra Community will be constituted of two categories of members:

  • Social Media members: join our social channels to become a member! The two main will be Discord and Twitter (Official & DAO). Each channel will be used to vehiculate different types of information and will allow different types of interactions between members. Moreover, through these channels, it is possible to participate in contests and activities directly related to the project. There will be discussions, proposals, live events, and more to increase awareness of the problem.

  • DeentraDAO members: by owning one of the NFTs of our collection, you will automatically become a member of DeentraDAO and acquire exclusive rights. Part of the Ecosystem’s Governance will be entrusted to the DAO, so by joining you will be involved in the governance and management of the Tools. On top of that, you’ll receive different benefits and economic opportunities before and after the launch of each Tool, starting with the Platform.

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