Deentra NFT perks

Blockchain united for climate. We believe that there is no time left to lose in fighting Climate change, if you do too, by owning one of our Dinos you will be part of a blockchain-based ecosystem that is 100% focused on accelerating the energy transition. We chose to be a multi-blockchain DAO to maximize the impact of our actions in this important fight. Pick your favorite Chain you want to mint — always Proof of Stake, of course!

There are many reasons to own a Deentrasaur, here are just a few:

  • Become a member of one of the first cross-chain digital communities applied to fight Climate change.

  • Contribute to the management of the Ecosystem: you will have the opportunity to participate in the management of the Tools of the ecosystem, from the ones internally developed, to support projects and initiatives aligned with our principles.

  • Gain new perks for each upcoming Tool: you will benefit from exclusive perks and opportunities associated with each tool that will be embedded in the ecosystem (e.g. reserved investment slots on the Platform)

  • Own one of the avatars that will symbolize your efforts in this important cause and your commitment to it.

  • and on top of all of that… our Deentrasaurs are just so cool!

But the perks do not end here. The team is exploring a new feature that will further enrich our NFT. More news coming soon!

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