Ecosystem's structure

We believe that allowing as many people as possible to have a more active role is the best way to solve such a big issue as climate change. We want to do it by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem developed on multiple chains. If you like our idea, let us introduce you to it. Our ecosystem is constituted by many interconnected entities and it has been designed to facilitate the creation and management of multiple Tools, deployed in several blockchains to empower people in the acceleration of the energy transition.

At the core of our ecosystem is our community and in particular, the NFT-based DeentraDAO who will be involved in the management and governance of the Tools by the Team. We define a Tool as a project and/or an initiative that is internally developed or integrated into the ecosystem to accelerate the energy transition. The first one will be the Deentra Platform, which has been designed to favor the construction of new sustainable energy plants. The ecosystem is a scalable framework designed to progressively grow with the introduction of new Tools. Being a multi-blockchain ecosystem allows us to build, discover and incorporate projects and initiatives on different chains.

Let’s take a deeper look at each component of the Deentra Ecosystem!

The community: we want to create an environment where people share the same core values and get the opportunity to have a proactive approach to the problem. There will be discussions, proposals, and other activities to increase awareness of climate change to inspire people inside and outside the community.

The DAO: It is the brain of the Deentra ecosystem and is based on our NFT Deentrasaurs collection that will be progressively released. We believe that decentralization is a game-changer concept, so we aim to create one of the first DAO applied successfully to speed up the energy transition. By becoming a member you will be involved by the Deentra Team on the development and management of the Tools of the ecosystem, and you will also have different benefits and economic opportunities before and after the launch of each Tool.

The Tools: for us, the most effective way to speed up the energy transition is by developing tools internally — as our Platform — and by supporting external projects and initiatives aligned with our principles. By doing this, those external projects will become non-native Tools, each one with different levels of integration into our ecosystem. Each Tool will be developed in one or more chains according to its features and the ones of the chain itself.

The Platform: the first native Tool of our ecosystem. It is a three-sided platform developed by integrating Web2.0 and Web3.0 concepts. It will accelerate the energy transition by being the meeting point for small clean energy investors, people interested in hosting an energy plant (eg. photovoltaic), and installers (investors, hosts, and installers are the three sides of the platform). Its concept opens to anyone the possibility of investing in sustainable plants.

How do we want to do that?

The foundation of our ecosystem is our community: we want it to grow and grow together, gathering people that are committed to our cause.

While our community is growing, we will progressively release our NFT collection and work on the Tools. The owners of the NFTs will become members of our energy transition-focused DeentraDAO which will be involved in the management of the Tools themselves. The first one will be our Platform that facilitates the financing, designing, and building of sustainable energy plants such as photovoltaics.

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