Getting started

The Deentra Platform is our first Tool and its concept opens up the possibility of investing in sustainable plants, such as photovoltaics, to everyone.
How will we do that?
By exploiting the dynamism of the blockchain to make financing and building sustainable energy plants more accessible. In other words, we’ll create a web 2.0/3.0 platform that will facilitate the financing of new sustainable energy plants, by tokenizing those plants and selling them to micro financers.
Amongst all the platform features, here we lay out the three main ones:
  • Through our Platform, the 3 key figures in the creation of a new sustainable energy plant will interact easily and effectively. Their interactions will be guided and controlled in each step of the plant creation: from the selection of the location and plant design to the financing process, until the construction of the plant.
  • The native token of our Ecosystem: with our native token, we will facilitate and promote the financing and the growth of sustainable energy plants. It will improve the ecosystem fruition by speeding up and simplifying actions. We will promote its adoption in every capital exchange using incentives. Burning mechanisms will be introduced to sustain and increase its value over time.
  • ​Plant tokenization: it will make the process of buying, selling, and receiving a reward from a share of a plant immediate and secure. The tokenization will allow us to divide each plant into different Plant Sections. Each potential investor will have the opportunity to finance the construction of a sustainable energy plant by acquiring one (or several) of those Sections, and be rewarded with our native token for his/her contribution.
Main actors of the Deentra Platform
In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that the Platform will be the meeting point for the 3 key figures in the creation of a new plant. In the figure below you can see them more in detail, and they are:
  • The Host: is a person or a company interested in installing a sustainable energy plant on his property who wants to adopt Deentra’s services to finance it
  • The Investor: is a person that is looking for a form of investment in the field of the energy transition
  • The Installer: a company responsible for the physical construction of the photovoltaic plant