The Story - Chapter 1

Our beloved Earth, a lush 4.54 billion-year-old planet, was once populated by huge creatures - the dinosaurs. We all know their story, or at least the version they taught us in school. Here in the Deentra ecosystem, we're about to add a piece of it that few know, and that will blow your mind. Having read history books everyone knows that dinosaurs, unfit to survive change, slowly became extinct. Their disappearance left planet Earth in a long winter of ice that lasted millions of years. Time passed and the ice receded until it only remained at both poles of the earth. Lush vegetation took over. Nature got back to being welcoming to those animals that kept inhabiting it, and that kept evolving over the years. In exchange for its hospitality, these creatures coexisted with the planet in sparkling harmony. An animal then made its way among the others. More perceptive and more intelligent, it evolved from climbing trees to standing upright: we are talking about men. Men quickly changed the way they met their primordial needs, satisfying them by no longer challenging opponents in a fierce battle, but by innovating. In this way, mankind evolved: discovering, inventing, and building tools to increasingly satisfy its desires. As generations flew by, humans, once an integral ring of nature, became detached from it. They closed themselves in a shell they created and named it "civilization".

In the years to come, civilization became increasingly advanced to meet the needs of the human population, creating a deeper separation from the natural world. The harmony that once characterized the relationship between Earth and its inhabitants is today starting to lack. Symptoms of this phenomenon are becoming increasingly evident every day: the changing climate on Earth is being influenced by the civilization that mankind has been concentrating on building for millennia. Even the small amount of ice in the south pole is fading. From one of those melting blocks, something starts moving.... what could it be? CRIC CROC CRIC CROC From the last thin layer of ice, an animal that used to be the king of our planet millions of years ago, resurfaces. Dinosaurs are back.

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