Total supply, Minting strategy, and Private Sale

Our NFT collection will be minted exclusively on PoS blockchain because of their sustainability and their limited impact on the environment. Deentra DAO is a multi-chain project because our goal is to involve as many communities as possible in the fight against climate change. We estimated that 1000 NFTs per blockchain as max supply is the highest amount of NFTs minted per chain to build a truly committed and engaged organization in this step of the project. The max Total Supply is 1000 NFTs for each chain starting from Algorand, Cardano, and Solana. The addition of other chains will be evaluated in the future to expand our community. Mint on your favorite chain!
Our minting strategy will be to release the collection in multiple tiers of sales. The reason behind this is that it’s important to us for the community to be truly committed, interested, and up to date.
We plan to achieve this by constantly releasing updates on what we are working on and showing you how the project is developing, from the whitepaper to the team expansion, to the community growth itself. We are committed to being fully transparent every step of the way.
You, as a buyer, get to decide in which tier you want to mint… but of course, the sooner you mint the more benefits you’ll get!
As of today, we have been working on the project for 8 months in which we have been able to define our idea and structure our ecosystem. To our pleasure, we have begun to receive positive feedback from people outside the team and some of them have made themselves available to fund the project.
We decided to reserve them the first minting tier for the following reasons:
  • We want to show our community that there is an interest in the project and that investors are ready to fund our work
  • This budget will also allow us to expand our marketing strategy and drive people more effectively to our project
  • Last but not least, invest in actual team retention and expansion to maintain the work quality for the upcoming months.
The Private Sale will be restricted to a small number of NFTs that will allow us to collect the minimum capital sufficient to satisfy the points previously mentioned. More info are coming!